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The Montgomery County Education Blog (MoCoEdBlog) is a project launched to be a public conversation by a group of people who have connections to Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) as parents and current and former educators, but who also work with education issues nationally. We founders realize MCPS is in many ways a national trailblazer. It’s socioeconomic diversity, its independence and the resources to do what’s right and grapple with challenges without deference to state or national pressure make it a potential national model. At the same time, education issues are complex and much that is presented as reform can be counterproductive, so there is room for debate and different perspectives. The editorial team of this to this blog hope to draw upon their national experience to initiate thought provoking conversations about important education issues and the approaches being taken in Montgomery County.

In order to support a civil tone for our blog the editorial team has developed the following guidelines.

  1. MoCoEdBlog is nonpolitical. We do not endorse any candidate and ask that candidates refrain from posting or commenting unless they are specifically responding to a comment about their position.
  2. MoCoEdBlog seeks a civil tone and respectful exchange of ideas. Anyone with a relevant perspective and can contribute. Some people have pre-approved accounts, including the editorial team. Some others will be given accounts. Members of the public can send their posts to moderator@mcpsblog.org and the post will be reviewed for relevancy and form.
  3. We want no anonymous attacks. We encourage all authors of posts to preview their post with anyone who is quoted in the post or whose position is represented. This will allow people a chance to offer corrections and clarifications. Anyone whose position is criticized in a post, even if they are a political candidate, can respond.

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