The MoCoEdBlog 2014 Candidate Forum

Written by: MoCoEdBlog Editors

This year, four Board of Education seats are up for election: one at large and districts 1, 3, and 5.  The MoCoEdBlog is inviting all candidates for these seats to post on our blog in response to some questions the editors believe are important issues the board may need to address in coming years.  There is no set word limit in responding to these questions, but a few short paragraphs should be enough for readers unless the candidate believes the issue is so complex that it deserves more depth.

  1. Evaluating Educators. MCPS has gone its own way in Maryland on teacher evaluation.  It did not participate in the Race to the Top (RttT) grant that would have given MCPS funds in exchange for implementing a test-based teacher evaluation system.  Now, the state superintendent may require MCPS to adopt MSDE’s requirement that 50% of a teachers’ evaluation be determined by test scores. Would you support MCPS standing its ground or should it become more aligned with the state’s approach?  Would you support the new proposal in MCPS to have student, teacher and principal feedback as part of teacher, principal and associate superintendent evaluation, respectively?
  2. Common Core Standards.  The MCPS web site does not say much about “Common Core” standards but instead focuses on its own “Curriculum 2.0” and has teachers and students learning new standards through the county’s developing curriculum and teacher training.  Do you support the Common Core?  Is MCPS doing a good job of navigating the new standards?  And, how would you direct them to do it differently?
  3. Diverse Populations/Achievement Gap. Given that MCPS is becoming even more economically and racially divided, and the implications for a growing achievement gap, do you support school assignment/boundary policies to create more economically and racially integrated schools?  What other measures to address achievement gaps do you support?
  4. Management/Union Collaboration.  MCPS has a collaborative relationship with its three employee unions. What kind of labor/management collaboration do you support in areas usually reserved as “management prerogatives?” What would you change in this regard and how does your answer reflect your view of the Board of Education’s oversight and management role?

The MoCoEdBlog is non-political and will not endorse any candidate.  As responses from candidates come in we will post them.  We request that responses not attack others and that if anyone quoted in a post have an opportunity to see and comment on the quote prior to it being sent in for posting.

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