Kristin Trible: Supporting Common Core

Written by: Kristin Trible

Responding to a Question from MoCoEdBlog on Common Core Standards.  The MCPS web site does not say much about “Common Core” standards but instead focuses on its own “Curriculum 2.0” and has teachers and students learning new standards through the county’s developing curriculum and teacher training.  Do you support the Common Core?  Is MCPS doing a good job of navigating the new standards?  And, how would you direct them to do it differently?

Response:  I support the Common Core as it is a unique opportunity to ensure that educational standards are part of the national conversation and that we continue to prioritize the education of our children.  The other day, I saw someone share a poorly written test and erroneously blame the Common Core standards.  We continue to see individuals become confused between standards, curriculum, and testing.  It is unfortunate inaccuracies such as this one that are taking away from a truly important conversation on educational standards and, just as importantly, what methods we will put in place to gather feedback and determine how to improve upon them in the future.   The current standards may not yet be perfect but it is up to each school system to work with the standards and implement a strong, comprehensive curriculum that meets or exceeds those standards.  MCPS has had its share of missteps in the implementation, but change was going to be difficult no matter what.  It’s time to move forward and ensure our teachers are well supported and enthusiastic about teaching in a new manner.  If slowing down is appropriate, we can slow down.  I would not support turning back.

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  1. CrunchyMama says:

    Have you read the K-3 standards and compared them to Best Practice in Early Childhood? Early Childhood is the timespan from birth thru 8YO, so yeah, third grade. That means that the vast majority of elementary school is Early Childhood – and a LOT of Early Childhood educators have issues with Common Core vis-a-vis ECE expectations.

    If you haven’t seen this yet, I urge you to take the 26 minutes and do so ASAP:

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