Discussion of School Integration, August, 2014

Contributions by Rick Kahlenberg, Chris Barclay, and Eileen Weiss with comments by Elena Silva and Phil Piety

An Exciting Opportunity to Integrate Montgomery County Schools by Richard Kahlenberg

Sixty years after Brown v. Board of Education was decided, the issue of school integration is once again back on the agenda for Montgomery County public schools. In April, the County Council’s Office of Legislative Oversight issued a disturbing report showing that racial and economic achievement gaps are growing and segregation is rising.  But tucked into the report was the …

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Eileen Weiss Responding to Rick Kahlenberg on Integration

Rick Kahlenberg’s commentary on the Montgomery County school boundaries debate highlights an issue of critical importance to all of us who care about improving disadvantaged children’s odds of success, and of ensuring a thriving democracy. With a student body that is increasingly diverse, not only at the County but at the national level, we have both a moral imperative and …

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Race Matters. Chris Barclay's Response to Rick Kahlenberg on Integration

Why did I tell the Washington Post reporter Bill Turque that I do not believe in white supremacy when asked about school boundaries and integration as a strategy for addressing the achievement gap?  Because, I strongly believe that until we all confront the impact of race on ourselves and the way we see the world, children of color will not …

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The Montgomery County Education Blog (MoCoEdBlog) is a project launched to be a public conversation by a group of people who have connections to Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) as parents and current and former educators, but who also work with education issues nationally. 

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